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Detailed e-Coating (electrophoretic-Coating) Process for Heat Exchangers and Radiators


  • Se-Cliff Coatings, LLC - eCoating Process chemistry

    1 - e-Coating Process chemistry

  • Se-Cliff Coatings, LLC - eCoating facility

    2 - e-Coating facility

  • Se-Cliff Coatings, LLC - eCoating Conveyor dip

    3 - e-Coating Conveyor dip

  • Se-Cliff Coatings, LLC - eCoating safe handling

    4 - e-Coating safe handling

  • Se-Cliff Coatings, LLC - eCoating Final stage: crating, labeling, shipping

    5 - e-Coating Final stage: crating, labeling, shipping

Outokumpu, the world's largest supplier of copper and brass, reported in its "CuproBraze Technical Manual" the following: "Electrophoretic Coating [e-Coating] is the best technical solution to increase corrosion resistance [for heat exchangers]." (Section 7.2.3 Coatings)

1 - e-Coating Process Chemistry: ensuring a consistent chemistry is important to the life of the radiator or heat exchanger. This technician recalibrates test equipment regularly to maintain the even work flow expected of a first-class operation.

2 - e-Coating Facility: this technician monitors the units as they proceed through the incremental stages of coating. This monitoring is important to the process as "consistency" in coverage is the watchword.

3 - e-Coating Conveyor Dip: these units, although large, have just been coated and await further processing. Note the uniformity of the coating as the light reflects off the fins.

4 - e-Coating Safe Handling: having the proper equipment to do the job is just as important as the chemistry and the process itself. This worker keeps a safe distance when handling these large coolers. Maintaining a clean and clear work area is also paramount for the efficient movement of these coolers.

5 - e-Coating Final Stage: awaiting the final stage of the process (crating, labeling, and shipping) these units provide the proper scope for the size of the operation. Adequate safety procedures coupled with proper worker respect for the size of these units, makes it easy to keep to a production schedule and still provide top-quality service to many satisfied customers.