CoreKote e-Coating Process Protects Heat Exchangers and Radiators from Corrosion and Premature Failure in Industrial, Commercial, Agricultural, Marine, Petrochemical, Wastewater and Mining Industries

e-Coating (Electrophoretic Coating) is a cross between plating & painting to heat exchanger cores, such as radiators, oil coolers, charge air coolers, intercoolers, and aftercoolers where:

  • A part (heat exchanger or radiator) is charged negatively. Next, it is fully immersed into two, separate alkaline cleaning tanks, a rinse tank, a positively charged CoreKote paint tank to coat the core, a final rinse tank, and finally oven-cured.
  • The result is an extremely durable, flexible, crossed-linked CoreKoted film, guaranteed not to flake or chip.
  • This electrically driven process drives the paint onto/into complicated, geometrical parts surfaces and depths, with a film thickness not varying more than 0.0005" (5/10,000ths inch). (See "The Electrochemical Deposition Coating Process" by CoreKote 2000™)

The solution to heat exchanger / radiator corrosion and premature failure is radiator / heat exchanger coatings extending their life—particularly in extreme environments.

Our e-Coating, called CoreKote 2000™, resists corrosion in aggressive environments like those found in the marine, agricultural, wastewater, and mining industries. We e-Coat copper, brass, aluminum, and various steels to retard corrosion against salt, fertilizers, sulfuric acid, sour gas, and a wide range of other aggressive chemistry, from pH 3 to pH 12.

CoreKote 2000 EXT is an enhanced, multi-layered e-Coaating process to protect against the most extreme environments that attack heat exchangers with FDA and NFS-51-certified compliant top coats available. Applications include food-processing plants, mining, chemical processing, salt environments, waste-water-plants.